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Kimberley Hearing Centre supports active listening for active people!

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Noise induced hearing loss is the only type of hearing loss that can be completely prevented.

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Do you have pre-school children? Come in for an evaluation.

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We strive to provide a comfortable, safe, friendly and professional environment.

Welcome to Vicky Hoek Audiology and Hearing.

Our team of audiologists are clinically experienced to guide our patients to better hearing and improved quality of life. We offer services to patients of all ages. Our focus is on the evaluation and management of hearing impairment and other ear-related problems like tinnitus (ringing in the ears), 

 We supply and fit a variety of hearing aids from trusted suppliers, do repairs on current hearing aids and provide assistive listening devices. We can also offer you hearing protection, as well as sleeping and swimming plugs.

Our ability to hear sounds around us (like friends talking, children laughing and birdsongs) bring colour to our lives. It keeps us in touch with our fellow humans and helps us grow and develop. Our team is ready to partake in the journey towards better hearing.